Recipe for Abs like J.Lo and a Mind like Buddha

By Juliana Pires Johnson

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I can’t emphasize enough, and probably won’t ever stop; about how important it is to work out the mind as much as you do your body (if not more). Lucky for us, our society’s expanded awareness of the mind-body connection, so many incredible, “work it out” fitness classes are available at the tip of our fingers, one click away from a streaming session for rock hard abs and iron clad minds.

Think about it, in what other time would you be able to have such an expansive library of workouts available to you, at such a modest price in comparison to the boutique fitness $30-$40 per class trend we were living on pre-2020? You can actually work out with numerous top trainers globally and motivational athletes from your home. Trust me, quarantine took me from J.Jiggle to J.Lo and this is how. Here’s to working it all out in 2021.

THE CLASS by Taryn Toomey  – $40 a month/ $400 a year


Self-described as an emotionally cathartic workout, Taryn Toomey’s The Class is just that. It feels like a mix of high energy yoga blended with a vibrant moving meditation. Through working the body in repetitive (yet challenging) movements, you confront your mind as you start to question your resolve, commitment and resilience within the practice and life. Though the burpees always get my body sweaty and shaky and my mind stronger, it’s the heart clearing set at the end of each class that gives me the release and steadiness I need to continue with my day. The Class has been a quarantine lifesaver and mind awakener for me.

The streaming service provides both live (from NY and LA) and On Demand classes. Do yourself a favor and sign on to Taryn’s live sessions for some incredibly touching and energetic work. Also, make sure to check out their virtual retreats for an in-depth, inner + outer body experiences.

AARMY – Workout by athletes for athletes – $35 a month/ $350 a year


If you have ever been a part of NYC’s cycle craze, you’ve certainly heard to Akin Akman. The former Tennis Pro, turned beloved, super tough (and handsome!), Coach. If you’ve ever heard of SoulCycle in LA,  or are a motivational junkie, you certainly know of Angela Manuel-Davis. The former USA Track & Field Athlete and all-around badass whose class you could never book in advance because it sold out in seconds. Meet the two As at Aarmy. Shortly before the pandemic hit, Aarmy opened its headquarters in both coasts and just a few months later, shut down. These two committed to keeping their community strong and united and turned to IG live for daily full classes. I couldn’t believe that I could now take, from my bike at home, daily classes with two of the most legendary instructors (and their A-teams!) in the US and take the NYC classes without hopping on a plane or bleeding my now compromised bank account. After months of inspiration and dedication, they launched an impressive experience-like streaming service armed with Cycle and Bootcamp classes (both are great, I happen to do Cycle daily and Bootcamp occasionally) for a mere $35 a month – the price of one single class pre-COVID. You bet I bought all the merch and signed up right away. Akin will push all of your athletic boundaries and you will not believe what your body is able to do (average cadence of 100+ for 45 mins?!). Taking a class with Manuel-Davis will feel like going to Church and building abs along the way. I never skip a Sunday. Pro move – take her classes with Mariah Gatti on the bike. The joy, respect and chemistry between these two is CONTAGIOUS.



My daily workout for about a decade, I used to be a 2 hour a day in-studio devotee pre-COVID. I am completely blown and away and impressed at how seamless it has been to transition into Tracy’s Digital Platform. Though pricier than most other subscriptions, I also consider Tracy’s class sequences and cardo dance classes a form of mental clarity. I actually love that there is no “instructing” during class (you can do the breakdown pre-class) and you are completely plugged into listening to music and watching/ taking cues as Tracy flows through the class. You have no choice but to be present, in the moment and feel like you are dancing through butt-lifting and ab twisting routines. The content in all levels – sTArt, FundamenTAl and atTAin changes every week and the dance cardio periodically. You will be surprised to find muscles you never know existed and an incredible dancer inspired workout and body in no time. Tune into the weekly 2-hour live Wednesday classes for an extra metabolic boot although it will cost you $50 a session on top of your monthly digital membership (these are also available for “rental” without the studio subscription).


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