By: Juliana Pires Johnson

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We seem to be living in a culture telling us what our ideal body should look like, selling us the ideal diet and exercise regime – telling us that it knows our bodies better than we do. I’ve believed it and honestly, I’m exhausted. 

Why do we keep asking others to tell us what our ideal body should look like?

All of a sudden, it clicked. What I know for sure is that my ideal body is nourished by foods that make me feel energized, that stabilize my mood, that feed and calm my brain and anxiety, that I love and loves me back. There is no one diet fits all. 

My ideal body is a reflection of the exercises I love doing, that my body craves, that gives me joy to show up to. The one that leaves me with more energy as I leave. The one I can grow with, that challenges me and strengthens me – mind and body. 

My ideal body is one that is relaxed and stress free by being surrounded by a tribe that supports me, encourages me and leaves me with more energy than when I arrived.  

So why pick diets, exercises and friendships our guts reject to fit a mold of what our bodies and life should look like, as defined by others? If you feel your best spinning and eating vegan food, then your ideal body should be the one produced as a result of such, no? Perhaps we fail to achieve any true happiness because we are listening to exterior noise rather than our inner voice. If I love to run and lift heavy weights, then maybe my ideal body is the created by doing what I love. Why stop practicing that to reach some goal by doing something you don’t enjoy and hating the journey? If the journey isn’t great, I can’t help but believe that the end result won’t give you satisfaction either.

So let me ask you again – what’s your ideal body? When all of the above clicks, you feel clear, strong, powerful and happy, look at yourself in the mirror – take note – that’s your ideal body. 


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