Meet Your One Desert Island Product

By: Juliana Pires Johnson

Photo Courtesy: Puremedy (@puremedy)

This is it. Look no further. We don’t even know how to begin. When we met Founder Joan Siegel, and her Puremedy Original Salve, we’d heard crazy stories from so many of her Erewhon loving cult-followers… “It healed my psoriasis!… I ingested it and it healed colitis! … It helped with my shingles… eliminated my cold sore … completely healed my sunburn overnight… made my yeast infection and itching down there disappear… moisturized my face and gave me baby skin…. got rid of my acne… healed the infection on my horse’s eye… strengthened my vaginal canal for birth….”.

The uses seemed wide-ranged, and all over the place…. So when I asked Joni to describe this salve and how to use it, she so perfectly said – “It’s the Windex of salves!” (ode to My Big Fat Greek Wedding, anyone?). Except this is the all natural, clean, centuries-old recipe salve, given to Joni by an Indigenous Medicine Man in the 1880s. He created the salve for Joni’s great great grandfather, whose foot was terribly burnt in a coal mine. When he was rushed to the hospital, the Doctor told the 4-year-old boy that his only option was to amputate his leg at the hip, with a shot of whiskey for the pain, and he most likely wouldn’t survive it. As a result of this grim prognosis, the family took the boy to their town’s Indigenous Medicine Man, who went into the forest and came back with what is now the Original Salve, whose recipe was then passed down to Joni’s family. It’s since healed many a burn, skin infections, rashes and disorders, including  a severe hospital infection on an open wound on Joni’s mother, arguably saving her life and giving Joni’s hers. 

I took this salve on a my past weekend trip to Yellowstone as my ONE do-it-all product to test out. My husband and I both used it as a moisturizer, day and night, as a nose ointment while in the plane (the natural and more effective Neosporin in the nose trick to ward off bacteria), as a sunburn savior overnight, as a lip balm, as a cuticle balm (mine are SO dry from excessive Purell) as a hair frizz tamer, itchy mosquito bites and leg scraps from hiking. 24 hours later, the sunburns are gone, the cuts healed, the skin baby soft (no breakouts and I have oily skin!), lips plump… I’m blown away. 

I have never truly met a clean, natural, do-it-all insanely effective product. You’ll never ever find me without it again, especially since they are sold in all sizes – starting with a $5 trial size (5ml), a .5oz tube and then 1oz, 2oz and 4 oz jars ($49.95) .

RUN, click, buy, simplify your life and medicine cabinet with this natural and potent ancient remedy, backed by science.


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