Q&A with Super Stylist + Girl Crush Sophie Lopez

By: Juliana Pires Johnson

No one defines “cool girl” quite as perfectly as Sophie Lopez. This pint-sized Croydon girl oozes flair and personality and frankly every outfit we see her in brings us joy and inspiration. You definitely know her work in styling, most prominently seen in her many years of dressing close friend and client Kate Hudson. What most of you don’t get to see is Sophie’s own daily outfits – her grabbing a coffee or running around showrooms in just the coolest mix of perfectly proportional prints, colors and style. We have a colossal girl crush on Sophie and her colorful, playful and crazy cool fashion and could not be more honored to have her as our first Style feature.

Do yourselves a favor and start following her on IG for some major style inspiration and mood boosters STAT.

Q: How did you get into styling? Who was your first celebrity client?
A: I started in magazines in London. Work Experience. After interning at British GQ I was offered the Fashion Assistant role. And that was my first job.
My first celeb client was a British indie band called Klaxons

Q: Who are your favorite designers – both high and low fashion? 
A: It changes season to season! But I love Rejina Pyo right now and her price point is right in the middle which I like!

Q: Tips to mix high and low fashion and make it all look elevated? 
A: I love to wear a statement jacket with jeans, a white T-shirt and sneakers. 

Q: Advice on how to mix prints/ colors? What are your favorite unexpected combos?
A: There is no specific rule, you just need to experiment and have fun with it! Try to pull out at least one common color when mixing prints. 
Love lime green, pink and brown right now.

Q: Where do you find inspiration/ practice creativity?
A: All over! Art, film, street style, ceramics, architecture, Nature. All of it.

Q: What you’re taking from 2020 and what you’re leaving behind?
A: Taking with me More rest! 

Q: Style icon – living or dead?
A: Grace Jones, Helena Bonham Carter for their individuality.

Q: Favorite style era – 70s, 80s, 90s…?
A: 60’s!

Q: Favorite color? 
A: Impossible to answer depends on my mood!

Q: Favorite flower? 
A: Sunflowers. They feel happy

Q: Favorite meal/ drink?
A: Anything with lots of Cheese!

Q: What’s your mantra? 
A: Just do it

Q: Any wellness rituals – morning or evening routines?
A: I journal most mornings. It helps me prepare for the day and get clarity.

Q: Where can’t you wait to travel to once COVID travel restrictions lift? 
A: Colombia & London to see my family.


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