By: Juliana Pires Johnson

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Mother’s Day is right around the corner, precisely this Sunday, May 9th! To help you ace an original last minute gift, for the momma who loves baking, to the fit momma and the beauty + fashion lover, working within all budgets, keep reading belowand add to cart!

Core Club Pilates Membership

When COVID lockdowns began, Amanda Kassar was the reason our abs were kept in check. Amanda, founder of Pilates by Amanda, then created Core Club Pilates, a $34.99 a month online community with workouts tougher than your typical reformer class. The videos range from 15 to 60+ minutes and cater to beginners, advanced and pre + post-natal. You can find series of no props too, so no need to stress on stocking up before joining the club! If your mom is looking to get in shape, with an incredibly fun and effective workout, this is a no-brainer.

Misfits Bakehouse Bread or Dessert Box Subscription

The healthiest indulgence. We honestly can’t believe that these baked goods are gluten-free, grain-free, paleo and keto-friendly. By far the most delicious breads and baked goods we have eaten. From the keto buns (used by local Belcampo shops) and sliced bread + bagels to their baklavas (black sesame, hazelnut!!) and insanely yummy brownies, your mom will thank you for the sweetest treats that will keep her looking and feeling amazing. You can buy a sampler ($50) or upgrade to a subscription. Worth it!

Vintners Daughter The Signature Set 

Photo Credit: Vintner’s Daughter

If your mom is into clean beauty, it doesn’t get any cleaner, effective and luxurious than this. The Signature Set includes both the Active Treatment Essence and celebrity cult-favorite oil, the Active Botanical Serum, wrapped into one. This is all your mom will need in addition to a great cleanser to simplify her beauty routine for her most amazing skin yet. Pricey ($410 for the set), but life-changing, and these little bottles really last forever.

County Line Florals Subscription

County Line Florals was founded by Actress Abigail Spencer in homage to her father- five-time US Champion and legendary surfer, Yancy Spencer III – who died suddenly of a heart attack while surfing County Line at the Malibu/Ventura border on Valentine’s Day, 2011.

Using flowers as a means of storytelling, these gorgeous, unique and themed bouquets (every month, for instance, a different arrangement is created for the according star sign + beyond) County Line Florals sets out to change the way people think about flowers. You can get these to momma as a one-time gift or upgrade to membership (once or twice-a-month). We like a monthly set-up for her, so she thinks of you year-round and isn’t confined to a once-a-year celebration. Every month is a Mother’s Day Celebration!

BEAST Health Blender + Hydration System

Photo Credit: BEAST Health

This best in class, amazing BEAST of a blender is as sleek and chic as you could hope for. One review compares it to the Apple of blenders, and it sure looks and acts like one. It’s incredibly well priced (the set is $185) and comes in 3 colors – white, grey and black, to be proudly put on display on your countertop. Aside from the usual shakes, they make the best infusion blends, hydration blends, cocktails, mocktails and baby blends. The blades basically have brains that adapt their speed to the infusion and know when a blend is getting too hot and needs to slow down. A gift for mom, that the entire family will enjoy, to help her stay healthy and strong (two things we will never take for granted again after 2020). So much more beautiful and effective than a Nutribullet, so much smarter and sleeker (and budget friendly) than a Vitamix!

Viome Gut Test + Precision Supplements

Photo Credit: Viome

Eliminate the guesswork and finally help mom understand what is causing her pain, bloat, gas or the uncomfortable feeling after meals. Originally priced at $299, Viome is offering a Mother’s Day deal for $129 per test, valid until May 10th. The gut test will not only assess her overall gut health score (bacteria diversity, permeability and such) but break down one’s individual foods into Superfoods, Enjoy, Minimize and Avoid, which will be easily accessible via your phone app at all times. The results will surprise you… I for one have broccoli and brussel sprouts on the Avoid list, which I would have never guessed and had often been eating while in discomfort. Since they have been removed from my diet, the bloat has gone away. The test also revealed that my gut has tomato and red pepper mold, two more foods I used to eat generously and since avoiding, I have felt great. Once the results are ready, Viome offers you a precise supplement program, including the exact nutrients and probiotic/ prebiotic strains you need to heal, which has been cheaper than the slew of vitamins I’d been incorrectly guessing that I needed.

Sweet Laurel Bakery Sweet + Savory Books (and treats!)

Our favorite grain and gluten-free LA bakery just recently released their savory cookbook to pair with their classic sweet one, which makes for a great gift for the health-conscious momma who loves to spend time in the kitchen. A present that you can enjoy once she starts baking too! If in LA, you can order it alongside a cake from the bakery OR learn how to make one and deliver your home-made version with the books. Our favorite is the chocolate Keto cake! YUM.

AMANU Gift Certificate/ Custom Shoe Experience

This incredibly chic and sustainable shop, founded by Celebrity Stylist Anita Patrickson, located in West Hollywood, CA, is now offering online sandal customization. You can play with sole colors, strap, fabrics and create your very own, made-to-order shoe, crafted and delivered within a week! If in LA, you can book an in-person appointment to bring your momma and walk out with her own within 45 minutes, For Mother’s Day, Amanu also partnered with Côte nail polishes to offer customized sets to match your shoes.  Oh, did we mention that they now also offer heels? We’d actually suggest booking an appointment for the two of you, so you walk out with a pair too.


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