Whats On My Vanity: MAKE Beauty’s Carrie Barber

By: Juliana Pires Johnson

Carrie Baber is just COOL. She is the girl you want to emulate, be friends with, take advice from and hang out with. She has that French girl meets New York vibes we always talk about – where she looks effortlessly chic, glowing and fashionable at all times, looking like she woke up like this (she probably did).

Today is also the day that this beauty re-launches her modern skincare and makeup essentials brand, MAKE BeautyStarting out with skincare, to get your skin perfectly primed with a cleanser, wash serum, essence and gel cream, for the color drops to follow.

Just like Carrie, MAKE is meant to mirror how she chooses to live her life: minimal, multifunctional essentials, to wear your way, every day.

To inspire you as we kick off a new week, check out whats on Carrie’s Vanity and then explore MAKE’s newest products below.

SKINCARE: Ironically, I am very lazy when it comes to makeup and skincare so I use products that are multi-functional and efficacious. The thing I most look forward to at night is cleansing, and if I could wash my face 4 or 5 times each night without stripping my skin, I would. Since the formula was approved for the MAKE Pre-Cleanse Fluid Oil Cleanser I use this as my first cleanse and the Succulent Skin Wash as my second cleanse. I have been using those cleansers every night.  I follow that with P50, a serum for whatever my skin needs, and finish with La Mer or the Overnight Sleeping Cream from Naturium. 

MAKEUP: Day to day I keep my makeup pretty simple, especially when wearing a mask. I use concealer all over instead of foundation and this Armani Luminous Silk is one of the best I’ve ever used. I then brush my brows up with the OG MAKE Beauty Sculpting Lash and Brow Gel (which are reformulating and bringing back), swipe on two coats of mascara I’m testing and finish with Chanel blush on top of cheek bones and the tip of my nose. Some days if I am tired or want to look extra glowy I use the Westman Atelier Lit Up Highlight Stick under my eyes before concealer. 

FRAGRANCE: Fragrance is a bit of an obsession for me, it’s nostalgic and reminds me of certain moments in time. Or certain people. I rotate through these based on how I am feeling or want to feel, must most days I wear Byredo Mixed Emotions, Frederic Malle French Lover or Marc Jacobs by Marc Jacobs. 

BODY: When it comes to body care, I am the most lazy. I dry brush twice a week before I shave and use The Fur Oil all over my body fresh out of the shower.



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