By: Juliana Pires Johnson

If you follow any It-Girl on Instagram, chances are you have seen many selfies in front of the Forma Pilates full-body mirror or spotted many paparazzi pics of your favorite girls (Kendall, Kaia, Hailey, Eiza!) leaving the same private Pilates studio. Well, meet Forma and its gorgeous founder, Liana Levi. Not only does the Forma Method help carve some of Hollywood’s most gorgeous abs but it was also founded during (and due to!) our Covid stay-at-home quarantine orders in 2020. What started out as a private space to keep Pilates pro Levi and her friends in shape, quickly exploded into the referral-only 3 location studio in Los Angeles now providing an online streaming service so that you too, can get Summer ready, the Forma way.

Read our interview with Liana, below.

Q: Tell us how you got started

A: I started Forma in April 2020 just as the stay-at-home order came into effect. I decided to purchase a reformer for personal use and received an abundance of requests from close friends wanting to get back on a machine since studios were closed! Before I knew it, I had a full day of friends/clients booked in for sessions morning until night in my intimate Little Holmby pool house! 

Q: When did you develop love for Pilates?

A: My love for Pilates began about 10 years ago by my former dance instructor who suggested try it for “active stretching”, look WHERE WE ARE NOW!

Q: What is the FORMA method and what makes it different?

A: The Forma Method is created to hit certain muscle groups with low impact, slow and controlled movements. I love laying my exercises and moving throughout the machine or mat seamlessly without having to break, maintaining an active burn the entire time. Our series are also extremely targeted, allowing you to feel and connect to each muscle achieving the most effective burn (and sweat). 

Q: What’s your food philosophy?

A: Eat clean and everything in moderation, life is all about balance. 

Q: What do you eat in a day?

A: I’m always on the go so I snack until I can break for a meal. My go to fuel is protein bars or Earthbar Flax Master or Beverly Hills Juice Club smoothies in the am, an açaí bowl from backyard bowls with granola and fruits for a midday snack, and then dinner I treat myself with some carbs or protein and veggies!

Q: What’s your exercise philosophy?

A: NO DAYS OFF, you must move your body every day, even if it’s just for 10 minutes. 

Q: How to get into quick summer shape?

A: I truly believe its 90% diet and 10% exercise. But when in doubt, do some banded SQUATS.

Q: Fave workout brands?

A: Set Active, Port de Bras, Bandier, Year of Ours & Lululemon.

Q: Any other workouts that best complement Pilates?

A: Cardio

Q: Any wellness rituals?

A: Lymphatic drainage at Detox by Rebecca, therapy & mediation & grounding!

Q: Favorite place to travel over the summer?

A: Amalfi Coast, dream.

Q: Fave food/ cocktail indulgence

A: LOVE PASTA & a skinny margarita

Q: Life Mantra/ Philosophy you live by

A: Follow your heart and do what you love! Don’t be afraid to take risks, there is always a valuable lesson to it all!


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